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About Organization

Main Objectives

Inculcate spirit of cooperation among the people without differentiating on the basis of class, caste, creed, colour, nationality and race. To extend services to all classes of unnerved and distressed women and person with disabilities in general and in particular women and children of poor and disadvantaged sections of the population such as tribal and Dalit. To this effect, set up and administered orphanage, old age home, charitable mobile dispensary, children clinic, day care centre and family planning centres. Undertake all lawful activities to apprehend child mortality, misuse of child labour, domestic servant and violence against women and children. Provide the opportunities to disadvantaged sections of the population for comprehensive socio economic development. In this direction make efforts to eradicate illiteracy among children and women, undertake adult and non formal education and engage in all kinds of philanthropic activities, establish school and administer it, set up library, working girls hostel, coaching and career guidance centre, arrange and organize national lectures, debates, seminars on related aspects of women and children, cooperate with national and international organizations having similar objectives. CSLWWS will involve in establishing social unity, national integration and undertake awareness generation programme on sanitation, safe drinking water, pollution free environment, low cost housing and promote rural sports. It will also work to remove all kinds of social evils such as child marriage, alcoholism, dowry death, superstition, women trafficking etc.


Provide basic services to those who need them, reach poor people, work in inaccessible areas, innovate, or in other ways achieve things better than by official agencies and have close links with poor communities. Complement the development efforts undertaken by the Government authorities and make development process more accountable, transparent and participatory in order to "fill in the gaps" & act as a response to failures in the public and private sectors in providing basic services.


CSLWWS is committed and dedicated for the downtrodden communities of women and children in rural and urban areas in Nadia District- West Bengal. Our strategy is for socio-economic development, generating technical knowledge among women and children especially about their health situation and protecting/promoting culture of unprivileged women. Our strategy includes compulsory job oriented training, inspiration to women and girls to acquire skills and critically analyzing their problems through different techniques including Information Technology in order to extend needed support for comprehensive empowerment of women and children. To achieve our strategy we provide training, conduct meetings in participatory way for better understanding the requirement and problems. To this effect, our endeavours to conscious people particularly women about their rights and raise their voices effectively on various issues of girls and women. CSLWWS active for interventions in which tribal and unprivileged women’s groups on the issue of accurate mobility which is framed within a constitutional rights based discernment and which facilitate the expansion of women’s decision making and sustainable leadership.


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Our Volenteers

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Our Volenteers
Empowering for next generations

  Soft Skills Training Event
Overall objectives

Our organization took initiative to conduct the 2 district level soft skills training with 50 Health workers on communication skills & RNTCP to improve the motivational skills to counsel the patients and........

“We hope our leadership in terms of what we have done at home and hosting this important yearly event will show the world that change is possible.”......

The overall objective of the Strategy is to support the Government's Socio- Economic Development and Poverty Reduction.......

  CLSWWS is Registered under:-

- West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961,
- Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976,
Income Tax Act, 1961
- 80 G & 12 A