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Overall objectives

The overall objective of the Strategy is to support the Government's Socio -Economic Development and Poverty Reduction priorities for coming decade by maximizing the national and individual potential of the country's human resources through the promotion of the widespread availability of high quality vocational skills to flexibly meet the economy's labour requirements in the immediate, medium and longer term and the creation of opportunities for individuals from all segments of society to develop their talent and maximize their potential for personal and economic fulfillment.
The creation of a nationwide network promoting excellence in skills development that will equip the current and future economically active population to develop the management and technical skills necessary for every developing country to successfully compete in the modern economic environment both at home and abroad.
The full and equal inclusion of all segments of the population in the opportunities for personal development of their potential and equip them to obtain well paid remunerative employment or self -employment to support ensured personal and family incomes within the context of sustainable career development and personal fulfillment.


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The distraught women need the nutrition and proper health services,literacy programme and protection to defend them. In reality, we have confidence the sincerity of their performance of our staffs and well wishers in each and every field of activities.

Women and children are faced with Nutrition, economic and educational problemsof below poverty line families. They face severe social, economic and political discrimination. Children do not enjoy their childhood and their little shoulders carry the burden of adulthood in their tender years. Their little hands work in the field in scorching heat to earn for their families or look after their siblings when other children of their age play.

  Soft Skills Training Event
Overall objectives

Our organization took initiative to conduct the 2 district level soft skills training with 50 Health workers on communication skills & RNTCP to improve the motivational skills to counsel the patients and........

“We hope our leadership in terms of what we have done at home and hosting this important yearly event will show the world that change is possible.”......

The overall objective of the Strategy is to support the Government's Socio- Economic Development and Poverty Reduction.......

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