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  Seminar/ Workshop  

  Seminar on social support Scheme for the Tuberculosis patients under the supervision of Panchayat and the block level in order to reduce the      rate of tuberculosis patients and increase the rate of cure patients.

 Seminar and workshops regularly being conducted on girls/women trafficking in Nadia district which is located in Indo Bangladesh broader. We    conduct our activities in girls schools to upgrade their technical knowledge on the issue and have formed Girls Forum to empower them to     protect themselves from trafficking, sexual harassment, fake and early marriage, dowry, prejudices etc. We have so far covered 30 such schools     in the vulnerable areas.

 Seminar on Gender Justice: Empowering women to deal with different effect of poverty and to done away with deficient opportunities and     power, existing conventional attitudes which limits women’s.

 Frequently conduct Health related Seminar on HIV/AIDS and to take the initiatives for preventing measure reduce the transmission of HIV by     promoting safe sex practices.

 Frequently organizing Seminar on Basic Child and Adult education Seminar on Women and Child Rights: CSLWWS tries to endorse self     assurance, collaboration, and self confidence through value based education among women and children.

Seminar on Consumer Aawareness programme in School Students

Seminar on Consumer Awareness programme in SHGs and Gram panchayet Members

Seminar on Social Support Scheme for Tuberculosis patients under the Panchayet / block level supervision.
Seminar on Consumer Affairs

Women & girls anti -trafficking Seminar

Seminar on the issue of Gender Justice
Seminar on HIV - AIDs Protection

Seminar on Basic Child & Adult Education

  Soft Skills Training Event
Overall objectives

Our organization took initiative to conduct the 2 district level soft skills training with 50 Health workers on communication skills & RNTCP to improve the motivational skills to counsel the patients and........

“We hope our leadership in terms of what we have done at home and hosting this important yearly event will show the world that change is possible.”......

The overall objective of the Strategy is to support the Government's Socio- Economic Development and Poverty Reduction.......

  CLSWWS is Registered under:-

- West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961,
- Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976,
Income Tax Act, 1961
- 80 G & 12 A